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Your spotlight on local services

Healthwatch Tameside COVID-19 survey interim report June 2020


In early May 2020, Healthwatch Tameside launched a new survey.

The survey asks people about their experiences during lockdown, including questions about physical health, mental health, social activities, information sources, technology and other areas.

In the early days of lockdown, changes to the way people access health and care services were quickly put into place, and over time these have been adapted as necessary. Commissioners and providers of services in Tameside are now starting to look at ways to provide care going forwards. They are thinking about whether any of these changes should be kept. Have they been popular with patients and service users? Have they been more efficient? Is there anything which has not worked?

In our survey, we ask people to tell us what they would like to see happen. Have they tried any of the new ways to access care, and if so, how was it? What would they like to keep, if anything?

The survey is ongoing, but Healthwatch Tameside wants to feed the voice of the public into these planning discussions at an early stage. We have therefore produced an interim report, as a snapshot of what we have been told so far. We will update this each month, and publish the anonymous information for everyone to see. Here is a copy of the report.

If you have not completed the survey yet, it would be great if you could spare 10 minutes to do so. It can be completed online here. If you know someone who would prefer to complete it on paper, send us an email to info@healthwatchtameside.co.uk with details of the address, and we will post a copy out, with a FREEPOST envelope for return. We can also be contacted by phone on 0161 667 2526. If anyone needs help to complete the form, we can give them a call, and fill it in over the phone, if we have their number.

We want to give as many people as possible the chance to have their say. Please help us to do this, and pass on this message to people you know.

Thank you.