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My Health My Community


Pennine Care are pleased to be in a position to be able to share with you their first prospectus for the ‘Self-management college: Supporting health, wellbeing and recovery’.

This is a partnership approach, led by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust under the ‘My Health My Community’ banner.

All courses support an educational approach and do not replace traditional therapy or mainstream education. The project is in it’s infancy and eventually will be available across the whole of the Pennine Care Trust footprint. However, the first prospectus mainly focuses on courses for those in the Tameside and Glossop area.

If people are interested in booking on a course, they need to firstly enrol with the college (this only takes a few minutes and is currently completed over the telephone by calling 0161 716 3396 – we will soon have an online facility available but this is currently being built). Once enrolled people can book on as many courses as they wish within a 12 month period (again, this is currently completed via telephone but will be available online in the near future). If people are unsure of what courses may meet their needs, or they need help with goal setting etc, they can request a 1:1 appointment with a member of the team.

See our online prospectus for more details: www.penninecare.nhs.uk/myhealthmycommunity/ or call 0161 716 3396 for further information.

If you would like to find out more, please see the website at https://www.penninecare.nhs.uk/myhealthmycommunity/